– a contemporary choreography concert

By Gunhild Bjørnsgaard (Choreographer/Idea/Concept)
Music by Bendik Hovik Kjelsberg

The massiveness of the music seems to rise up from the floor and condense the air. The sound culminates, stronger and stronger, until it has filled the whole room with acoustic and hypnotic electronic sounds. The bodies are working persistently in trying to keep up with the music’s physicality. An effort to create a sound landscape. Gradually disappear structure and control. Chaos and irregular rhythms and movements appears.
What may occur in this landscape?

Gunhild Bjørnsgaard draws from the historical work of Iannis Xenakis an hypothetical re

construction of what could have been a work of filiation. A choreographic reconstruction ordered by the chaos that the musical score would have generated itself.

Producton: Company B.Valiente

Executive producer: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre

NEW Teaser 2019

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