IDENTITY – 2004 

Who am I when I am on stage? Am I “me”, or another? How does the public perceive me: as I am, or as an image? Am I matter, or thought? 

IDENTITY, the second component of the PENSCENIQUES project, raises questions about the concepts of « presence” and “authenticity” in stage performance. PENSCENIQUES is a theatre project based on the confrontation of different brain functions and inspired by theories of the “double bind”: a crisis in communication in which an individual or group receives two or more reciprocally conflicting messages. The stresses created by the dilemma of the double bind can result in irrational emotional responses.

IDENTITY was premiered in 2007 at the International Dance Theatres Festival in Lublin, (PO), and subsequently staged at the 2008 White Nights festival in Pärnu (EE), RING – Scène Périphérique in Toulouse (FR) in 2014, and HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival « Haas-fest » in Yerevan (AM) in 2018.


DIRECTION : Marcelino Valiente

PERFORMERS : Marcelino Valiente, Marc Lacourt.

PRODUCTION : Company B. Valiente