LOVE – 2003

”LOVE” depicts a society that has lost its deepest and most important points of reference. Here, human beings desperately search through a storm of media images for new icons. The performance questions whether we are really liberated from our bodies when the reflection of ourselves appears everywhere, and it probes the bodily expressions of subjects who have devoted themselves to specific beliefs.

“LOVE” is designed for performance in both religious and secular surroundings, including venues such as churches, art galleries and theatres. Its choreography disregards the discrete spaces often found in such spaces (for example, auditorium and stage, or nave and altar), creating a single arena in which audience and dancers interact.  

LOVE is the final piece in the trilogy of dance performances that includes BREATH (2000) and BROKEN (2001), all of them exploring the theme of a “locked” body. Critical responses to LOVE praised its “precise observation of the present moment”, and the « strong existential direction” of the company.

CHOREOGRAPHY & PRODUCTION: Gunhild Bjørnsgaard & Marcelino Valiente

PERFORMERS: Bérengère Fournier, Marc Lacourt, Sylvain Meret, Vania Gala

LIGHTING: Kurt Hermansen

VIDEO: Marcelino Valiente

VIDEO EDITING: Michel Pavlou and Jakob Hultgren

LAYOUT: Yann Bougaran

SUPPORTED BY: Arts Council Norway, Foundation for sound and pictures, Foundation for stage artists, The Norwegian Ministry of Culture/culture exchange between France and Norway.

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