« Pensceniques » is an outline of the body disturbed by the thoughts which, comes hustled the command from the actions and logics of the play, the body is opposed and seeks a strategy. It is the public while observing which to create, demolishes and recreate the meaning/the performance. Because if « pensceniques » suggests what the body/the performance could be, it does not remain less than the body/the public is forever touched by what it has been/seen.

Comments about « penscèniques » from Diane Oatley
…In the case on Pensceniques, I would say that there was rather a texture made up of these small moments of contact between myself as the viewer and the performer, moments almost blissful, sad, which the piece in no sense sought to rectify or resolve or explain. They remained in transit, or suspended; alhtough it was possible to connect particular actions to these, I think it was primarily the condition of this « being » with the open face and hesitant, seeking, somehow broken, body under-interruption that was the most meaningful for me. The face created a backdrop for what the body was saying, but without falling into the expression-less, blank stare so common in conventional dance. I found it exciting to simply « be » in the meditative space that was created…