The company has been founded in Oslo in 1997 by Marcelino Valiente and Gunhild Bjørnsgaard. The company has from the beginning made a crossover between different contemporary art disciplines. If the dance has always been the centre of re-search, it has always been thought in a transversal way with other forms of expression: video/visual arts, theatre, music and architecture. The company has been transporting the stage to many places, carrying the choreographic proposition into locations such as  jails, military bases, art galleries, churches; places which are not always easily accessible, and demands an effort of adaptation from the artists and the audience to access spaces far away from their own socio-cultural origin. Strongly influenced by these environments, both choreographers have developed an extremely physical dance based on resistance, release, contractions and ruptures. • A dance that seeks between the disability to communicate and the utopia in which the body finds, despite the limitations and constraints, an issue: a way out