Marlène Martin-Bjørnsgaard

Théo Roumier

Marcelino Martin Valiente

Text, direction, video:  Marcelino Martin Valiente

Music: Théo Roumier.

A sharing of the wandering.


Try to remember the words, recompose the images, put back the pieces of a puzzle that has been scattered for a very long time.

Explore, not in search of your DNA but in what you become in contact with the others, the landscape, the movement, the colour, the language.

Share wandering not as a journey or an expedition, but through your body affected by what you have seen and experienced, by what you have been marked by.

And then, the inability to continue alone, the instinct to call for help, the need to be accompanied by new forces, new desires, new thirsts.

Find yourself you will want, despite what you hear and observe after having forgotten your name, your date, your imprint you will see new forms coming to you.

And you’ll never end up telling yourself, describing yourself, visiting yourself and learning, because it’s from what you will not remember, all this, and other things buried in your dark matter that we will read you through the others as an open book.

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