The accident is a film about a sudden change in life. An external incident/accident turns the main characters life upside down. This is something that is constantly happening, yes, everyday actually, but something we never think will happen to us.

This is the story about Jonas, the car salesman, who is living « the good life »; successful at work, has a large house and a happy family. In the time of a few days however, these things are taken from him one by one and he is tangled into web of adversity. It all starts when a boy is hit by a car. A witness tells the police that it was a black Audi. Jonas is linked to an identical car in connection to his latest sale and becomes the prime suspect. Jonas tries to prove his innocence, but by doing so he only increases the suspicion. After a while he looses his job, his familys trust and the freedom to move around. He starts doing his own investigation to clear his name, but the more he tries to find out the truth, the more he ruins the relationship to the people close to him and the surroundings. Lonely, Jonas finds himself outside familiar landscapes.

« Ulykken « director words.

« … We are following a character who becomes the main character through his main particularity : his time of presence on the screen. He becomes a sort of mind « without features » who is just not apprehending the events of his existence and finds himself incapable of solving the problem that disturbs his life : the sudden death of a child.
He is neither a hero nor anti-hero. His life seems to go nowhere and everything appears surreal, like the accident that seems to work on him, as it does on us, as a myth of an archaic fear, actually the reminiscent fear of a sudden catastrophy. This accident is hanging above our heads like a Damocles sword that could hit each and everyone of us anytime. And we find ourselves bending our heads down like we wish to ignore it. My movie could be summarized as such : a story of fear rejection.
On the inside, the mother of the child. She is a material entity but fantomatic at the same time. She is at the heart of an hypothetic and vain (unreal) redeeming meeting through forgiveness, giving a new meaning to life after the accident, to both characters.
On the outside, Baran appears like a companion but he does not bring any solution and worse, he actually presents a similar story, from abroad, from far away, somewhere in the middle of a war zone (a catastrophy just as mysterious as the accident to the spectator). A story of the unfairness of mankind destiny… »

Oslo, 20 Avril 2009
Marcelino Martin Valiente

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Fender Film AS
Kongleveien 18
N-0875 Oslo
Torleif Hauge
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