“LOVE”(Nowegian: ELSK) – prod. 2003

To love, an idol, an ideal, an icon, oneself, a god. The body forms: devotes itself, socializes itself, becomes captured.

”LOVE” talks about a society, which has lost its references, where the human being is desperately searching in a storm of media images, for new modern icons, icons to replace religious figures. How does the body express itself, when the character devotes itself to a belief. Is the body liberated by belief, or imprisoned by it?

“LOVE” – The body is placed in both religious and non- religious surroundings, like in churches, art galleries and theatres. The expression is a combination of contemporary dance and performance art, with the audience and dancers interacting in the same arena – no stage, no seating, no distance. A very close and honest dialog appears. This is the third part of a trilogy with the theme: A closed body. (55 min)

Concept & Choreography: Marcelino Martin Valiente and Gunhild Bjørnsgaard Dancers : Bérengère Fournier, Marc Lacourt, Sylvain Meret, Vania Gala. Video: Marcelino Martin Valiente Video-editing: Michel Pavlou and Jakob Hultgren. Light: Kurt Hermansen. Production: Kompani B. Valiente. Layout ; Yann Bougaran

Supported by: Norwegian Art council, Foundation for sound and pictures, Foundation for stage artists, The Norwegian Ministery of Culture/culture exchange between France and Norway.

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