Headhunting, is a live installation where dance, performance and architecture investigate the human quest for perfection and consequent standardization of the body and the spirit. An ever changing world and a fear of destabilization of life challenges our ability for adaptation and change. In professional life it’s increasingly vital to find the ultimate person to fill vacancies in the workforce and boardrooms, hence the growth of the recruitment industry and the modern day Headhunter. But if the essence of humanity is that we are essentially flawed, how do we face the measuring and weighing of the Headhunter? Are the methods of the recruitement industry a humiliation to the individual, an erasure of personality and identity?

Company B. Valiente has invited architects Gerstlauer and Molne to create a physical installation in the exhibition space at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture/ DogA. The architects propose to reinvest the space with an architectural project from 1996 which never took place, the room-space. This project was in its finality built for the spiritual needs of our society, a place for meditation, for regaining ones composure. Headhunting is a live installation which invites the audience to inhabit the space along with the dancers, investigating physical as well as mental architectures and energies.