”BODY BUSINESS” (first March 2005)

The body valued as an object. A body exposed like a commercial product.
– The body we are watching, is it still in the same room where we are?
– Or is it a part of our phantasm?
– And what we are doing with it, is a very ”personal business”.

The two choreographers continue their research about the value of a body. In BODY BUSINESS, the dancers are exposed, like in an art exhibition, where the public can walk around like on a ”market place ».

Concept & Choreography: Marcelino Martin Valiente and Gunhild Bjørnsgaard Dancers : Victoria Sogn, Bérengère Fournier, Marc Lacourt, Julien Monty Video: Marcelino Martin Valiente Video-editing: Michel Pavlou and Jakob Hultgren. Light: Kurt Hermansen. Production: Kompani B. Valiente and Rapid Productions Photo: Marcelino Martin Valiente (poster, flyer)

Supported by: Norwegian Art council, Foundation for sound and pictures, Foundation for stage artists, The Norwegian Ministery of Culture/culture exchange between France and Norway, The Norwegian Embassy in Polen. With help from the French Culture Centre in Oslo