12 and 13 november 2011
Are the presence in life and the presence on stage one and even thing? This was the question Jeden by Company B. Valiente raised. The body, abandoned against the fractures and the dissonances of the thought runs up against the problem of its representation.
« … I think that my memories haunt me because I am simply afraid to die. I am terrorised by the idea that I will die. Terrorised by the idea of ageing. I cannot support a second that I will disappear. Because I know that I will disappear forever. My brain will die out exactly like one extinguishes a PC. I will feel even the pressure of the button in my head. And then, nothing, no signal… I do not believe that there will be a light in a tunnel which will take me and will guide me until a kind of paradise. I do not believe of anything and especially not a life after death. All happens now, and here, in the time which is given to me on this ground. On my work table in my brain, some chemical-electric events repeat themselves, and from small modifications of the outside, always come as micro stimulus which create inside me the transfer of small molecules which give to me pleasure or frustration. The only thing that I believe on is that our brain is not, as we believe, programmed to make actions. The actions which we make are often mortgages of our brain on reality. There is neither verity nor justice for the neuronal activity, just a million billion of connections which offer billion billions of possibilities. And among these billion billions of possibilities we make a choice which is transformed into action… »
The Penscèniques project consisted of the performances Jeden, Identity and Penscèniques: « an outline of the body disturbed by the thoughts which, comes hustled the command from the actions and logics of the play; the body is opposed and seeks a strategy. »
Jeden by Marcelino Martin Valiente was supported by the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).