Cargo is a five minutes short film about a man (Sven Nordin) who goes to an office to send a great number of packages. The man behind the counter (Rune Temte) starts to weigh them. He feels that they all weigh the same and want to save time by not having to weigh every single package. The costumer insists that all packages must be weighed one by one…
A cunning film about life and our last departure.
Cargo has been shown as a pre-film at “Kinocity” in Drammen. It is also part of Oslo cinematographers’ short film program.
Cargo was bought for television by TV 2 and TV-Drammen both channels in Norway. It has been in the official selections for The Scandinavian Filmfestival in Los Angeles (2006) and the Oxford International festival for films (2006.)
The film is presented for the international marked by The Norwegian Film institute.
The director is Marcelino Martin Valiente, the actors are Sven Nordin and Rune Temte. Photographer: Rolv Håan.

Haugesund International Film Festival 2005
Scandinavian Film Festival, Los Angeles 2006
Oxford International Festival for Films 2006
The Festival Cinéma Tout Ecran in Geneve, Switzerland, November 3rd 2006
Short’s festival Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia 2007