“BROKEN” (Norwegian; KNUST) – prod. 2001

An imprisoned body, manipulated, fractured, analyzed, observed. “BROKEN” focuses on the body’s irrational way of expressing itself in pressured situation. What makes the body express itself outside the conventional frames? What happens when the body is thrown into the darkness, not far from madness?

”BROKEN” is performed in unconventional contexts, such as military camps, art galleries and churches. Its goal is to challenge both its audience and its performers. The spectator becomes an integrated part of the space; without chairs or regular seats – and in constant motion amongst the dancers. . (55 min)

4 dancers: Sylvain Meret, Berengere Fournier, Inken Landskröner, Marcel Bassachs Birosta

EXTRACTS FROM THE REVIEWS OF THE TRILOGY ”Breath » « Broken » and « Love” 2000-2003

NORWAY: Stavanger Aftenblad, Solveig Grøde Sandelson, Sandnes culture house 19.11.03 ”It is a very strong performance. Not only because of the extremly well controlled body language and the very rich choreography, but also because of its changes; changing in the light, the sound, the room, the music, the expression.”

NORWAY: Inger-Margrethe Lunde (Journalist/ Dance critic), Stenersen’s museum/ Oslo 21.11.03 ”LOVE (which is the third part of a trilogy) and the Company’s trilogy, has been an important contribution to the dance in Norway the last years. Company B. Valiente is one of the few groups, which has a explicit and incessant a strong existential direction of their productions.” ”KNUST” (Broken) – 2001

GERMANY: ”BALLET-TANZ” Magazine Aug-Sept. 2002, from a performance at the military base. ”Although the company’s ethos is against established systems and structure, they and the military seem to share a certain common ground. Both are interesting in action, stress hormones, mental capacity and courage. That is one of the reason the performance was such a success with the soldiers.” “Some soldiers catch the dancers who lean on them and the dancers even jump with the soldiers’ support. It is a strange and magical situation.”

FRANCE: La Depeche/Val de Reuil, residenciel dance house Chor. Dominique Boivin, 07.11.01 ”Last week the dance company Beau Gests invited Kompani B. Valiente, thereby drawing notice to themselves.” “In this immobile silence, where the death noise comes from the intense body movements, there is a common objective; to show our vulnerability, our own obstacles and blockages, remove the conventional intellect, and what we have learned. The Kompani B. Valiente production touches the very base of the human being.” ”PUST” (Breath) – 2000