”BREATH” (Norwegian; PUST) – prod. 2000

”BREATH” projects a shattered world, restricted by prohibition, walls and boundaries. Here live the ones who are denied to express themselves and to create the lives they want. The body burst into movement, stops… and new impulses get suppressed.

A new freedom is born and a new space for movement, paced by the rythm of expression and obstacles. It is about the violence in the person that want to express itself, move, speak, eat- and the one who can’t.

This is the first part of a trilogy with the theme: A closed body. The performance has been shown in prisons as well as theatres and churches. (55 min)

3 dancers: Gunhild Bjørnsgaard/Pia Elton (second tour), Marcel Bassachs Birosta, Julien Monty,

Possible for touring.