• DATES OF PERFORMANCES/ 2014 “The Artist’s Space”

    - The 25 of June, 7 p.m.: The International Music Festival in North-Norway(Festspillene i Nord-Norge), Adr: Havnegata 3, 9483 Harstad/Norway Tel: 0047-90774767, www.festspillnn.no

    - The 25 of September (maybe also 24th), 8 p.m. by Oslo: Bærum Culture house Under house (The Regional stage of dance - stage/laboratorium/residence). Adr: Claude Monets allé 27, 1337 Sandvika/Norway. Tel: 0047 913 09 204, www.baerumkulturhus.no

    - The 10-11 of October: by Toulouse - La Grainerie Adr: 61, rue Saint Jean 31130 Balma/France.
 Tel: 0033-5-61243391 www.la-grainerie.net

    - The 5 of November: Tou Scene in collaboration w/ Nymusikk Adr: Kvistøygaten 25, 4012 Stavanger/Norway. Tel : 0047- 51530595, www.touscene.com

    New dates for 2015 will come.

<   About Gunhild Bjørnsgaard   >

mail : gun.bj@online.no
tel : 47-92093014

She has studied at the Oslo National Academy of the arts/The academy of dance, the International theatre school of Jacques Lecoq, the University of Oslo/Theatre Studies and the University of Trondheim (Started a five years study on prevention of chemical pollution on nature. After 2 years of studies, also parallel choreographed several dance theatre shows, she decided thoroughly focusing on choreography. In 1997 she founded Company B. Valiente with Marcelino Martin Valiente. Her work and with the company, are a crossover between dance, music, theatre, video art, architecture. In the last 7 years, she has especially collaborated in different projects questioning the relationship between the dance and the music, with strong musicians and composers. She also takes music courses and sings in choir at the Conser-vatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulouse, for strengthening the understanding the structure of music. Gunhild Bjørnsgaard has created 18 whole evenings’ performances with and without the company, shown in Norway and internationally. She has taught contemporary dance and choreography, which impact of personal expression has on the choreography and the composition in space. She has received Governments’ grants for in all 7 years (3 times) for her artistic research.